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All course dates are under review however I am happy to accomodate your dates, just ask.


EFTMRA Certified EFT

 LEVEL 1 - £100














EFTMRA Certified

EFT LEVEL 2 Practitioner  - £250














 Take both EFTMRA Certified EFT

LEVEL 1 & 2 - for £300 Saving £50

When booked together  (can be taken separately) or follow through the Friday/Saturday and Sunday.




AAMET Certified EFT - LEVEL 3

Advanced Level   - £250



I am happy to offer one to one training on a date of your choice at your venue or mine. Travel costs extra.


 CPD Points - EFT MENTORING DAY - £50.00    


Call for dates In Marlow 2015


Book your private one to one 

Mentor Session to suit you,

call for an appointment in Marlow.


Skype Mentoring

Visit   www.aamet.org  to find out more about Meridian Therapies!

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EFT  in the News

There have been many stories about EFT in various newspapers. Below are some of those stories. You can download any of them as a PDF image file by clicking the link. PDFs take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.

The Telegraph: Tapping Therapy: Curing Physical and Mental Problems

The Herald: Hands-On Treatment Offers Hope for Victims of Trauma

Press Democrat: New Help for Troubled Vets

The Times: Move Over Freud  Energy Therapies May Be Just As Effective

Washington Post: Years Later, Healing the Wounds of a Stepfather's Abuse

Men's Style: The Energy Psychology Craze

Channel 10 TV News Australia: EFT Food Cravings Study Successful

Channel 5 Live UK: EFT for a Spider Phobia

Golfweek: Golfers Tap Into Psychology

New York Times: Oregon State One Win from a Second Title

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Healthcare Inequalities Assailed

Field Methods: Research Shows Veterans Overcoming PTSD

The Edinburgh Evening News: Tapping Into the Latest Method of Healing

The View: Whoopi Goldberg gets Tapped for her Fear of Flying

Common Ground: Targeted Touch Taps Out Traumas

KWTX Channel 10: Tapping Method Eases Stress in Many

Life-Style Nigeria: Unveiling Great Minds Behind Energy Medicine / Psychology


I am happy to offer workshops for the situations below, please call for more information.


Real Help for the BULLIED Child


 Are you fed up with all talk?

Being bullied and no action or help?

This confidential Practical approach can-

 Empower you!

You can lose the Fear!

 Restore your Confidence!

Feel good about yourself.






Do you fall apart at Exam times?

Feel Stressed and Anxious?

Have Memory Blocks?

Feel Panic and Fear?

Simply want to Run Away?


       Would you like too –

  • Remove Stress                              Gain Control
  • Stop Anxiety                                  Feel Calm
  • Remove Self Doubt                       Regain Focus
  • Stop Memory Block                      Activate Memory Recall


EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an easy to learn fun way to release all those

                                     unwanted feelings of Anxiety, Panic and feeling there is no answer.

                                                                         Get back your Happiness.

 You can use this tool again and again in times of need.


This Fun Interactive Tool is a simple way to help you

 and it’s easy to learn.

                                                                          As seen on GMTV




Cost £25.00 pp Groups

£45 Private Sessions




Remove your Cravings & Addictions

Bring along your Craving or Addiction and leave without it, for good.


Remove your Fears/Phobias For Good

You will leave  without your fear or phobia and

a re-usable tool to use if you ever feel it may return.


All of the above Workshops can be arranged to suit your time and location,

All I require is a minimum of 4 persons to run any of the above workshops.





Taught by qualified and accredited

EFTMR Academy Licensed Trainer Terri Charles



     Email:          www.eftworkshops4u.co.uk
















Unchained Remedies











There's solid scientific evidence behind EFT, and Dawson Church, PhD, summarizes it in his fascinating best-seller, The Genie in Your Genes. He's just revised the book for the paperback edition to include the latest EFT research. He shows how reducing emotional trauma affects your body down to the level of your genetic code, so regardless of what genes you were born with, you can maximize your health with EFT. You also get many bonus incentives if you order his book this

week at   www.GenieBestseller.com




EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is quick acting and often near miraculous, offering permanent release of fears / phobias and so much more.

Crucially the problem does not have to be revealed, thus further empowering you. 

This method is key to the discrete and permanent healing of old wounds thus re-establishing your self-confidence and self-worth. 

The practitioner simply taps the main meridians of the hand, face and collar bone while you tune into your issue; releasing trapped emotions, fears and pain.

Often several issues are dealt with in one session.  www.emofree.com


Fears & Phobia's

I have had particular success with are:


  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Spiders/Animals
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Agra-phobia
  • Fear of Heights
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Compulsive Habits
  • Water
  • Dating
  • Bullying Adults & Children
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of Fear
  • Fear of Sexual contact  


Click of the above site for even more examples and Testimonies!

Enter issue into search this site,

top right!

Phobia's & Fears

If you have a phobia of any sort, and especially with spiders, by now you may be feeling anxious, your hands may feel sweaty, your heart will be pounding, you may even want to run away and remove yourself completely ( The bodies ancient Flight of Fight system) What is your body doing now?

Phobia's are common and often go back to our childhood, I have had amazing results with Phobia's using EFT, its simple to remove the phobia totally.


EFT removes the bodies negative response therefore offering permanent release, you may never love spiders but you will not fear them, I have had clients that actually start to feel sorry for them and event think they are quite cute.

More importantly you will not have the sweaty hands, pounding heart, shortness of breath or fear that makes you feel you need to remove yourself.

Simply by focusing on these bodily reactions and tapping, together we re set the bodies energy.

Lets go back a few steps, when you respond to a fear of phobia the first thing that happens is a sharp intake of breath! then come the other body reactions, at this very point a disruption in your energy system occurs, a bit like if you were to put a spanner into a television set it would disrupt the viewing screen, causing a short circuit.

EFT removes this blip or disruption in your energy and in essence smooths it out. Result you no longer have the bodies negative reaction to you fear of phobia.


Simple and Permanent.




Why use a Specialist?

Would you let an unqualifed person perform a clinical operation on you?

Would you let an unqualified teacher, teach your child?

Would you let an unqualified dentist remove your teeth?

I have been practising for many years, achieving amazing results from the start, as my testmonies demonstrate

I rapidly progressed to EFT Level 3 which is the highest rank you can achieve worldwide todate apart from the original master level, no longer available, I have been so  amazed at the results of this self help tool that I decided to train as an AAMET certified EFT advanced level 3 trainer achieving this status in 2007. 

The criteria to gain Trainer status is extremely high, requiring a minimum of 300 individual EFT clients along with group sessions which have been achieved inline with the original guidelines and protocol of EFT founder

Gary Craig.Look at www.emofree.com

I am a  member and have been an approved Trainer Instructor and Therapist with AAMET I am now training under the umbrella of EFTMRA


The Association for the Advancement of

Meridian Energy Therapies, the UK's governing body.




Below are the EFT Tapping Points used in an EFT Session



In today's often stressful world, children's problems can fade into the background. Bullying, eating disorders and withdrawal problems, can all go unnoticed through no particular fault of the parent.

EFT has proved incredibly effective to counter these problems, which are often caused by underlying emotional issues which the child does not have the ability to express or release.

It is a joy to see the new - found happiness entering their lives.  Children find the sessions fun and they leave with a take-away tool which empowers them to cope with many circumstances.

 This tool can be used whenever the child needs help and reassurance.

See details of special Workshops for Exam Stress & Bullying