What my Clients Are Saying

"How can I thank you? I feel that for the first time somebody has taken the time to listen and hear what I am saying.....

I felt totally safe and supported, in fact I feel like a different me ,the me I  always knew was there, I just needed help in finding that person, Thank You so much. "                             M J - Marlow




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"I can't believe this EFT actually worked, and so quickly.

I have been suffering from depression for as long as I can remember and have been on many different drugs, all with various side effects, I have also had years of counselling.

To think that just three sessions of EFT have quite literally changed my life is incredible.

It seems to me that it should have been my first choice ( if I had known about it) and not a last resort, or indeed a truly lucky find.

Thank you so much Terri." 


Joe S   Newbury Berks

" Hi Terri

I have just landed in Majorca, Wow is all I can say, this stuff works, I actually enjoyed my flight for the first time in years, I even got up and went to the toilet, drank and ate during the flight, something that would have been unthinkable before. I can't Thank you enough. I will be telling all my friends.

I must admit I did not believe it would work. but you proved me wrong. Thank you, thank you ,thank you.."   

 R Black

Newbury Berks


" I initially came to see Terri to stop smoking,

My biggest fear was that each time I had stopped before I had piled on the weight ( I have had a weight problem , which was a bit of a mystery as I do not over eat, the opposite if anything)

Terri suggested having a follow up EFT session to see if we could determine the real reason behind my weight.

Well what a surprise this was, it went back to my teenage years, wow. I had subconsciously put up a barrier which was what my body was doing to help me, in essence this weight was my protective force field, or, my keep away from me force..

Once this was resolved the weight just fell off me and still is, I feel so much lighter and I don't just mean weight wise.

This is something that is often never addressed, let alone in diets, Terri explained that once the core issue had been resolved it would not return. and It has not. Thank you so Much!" 


Mary  S   Marlow Bucks






This is a copy of a text message I received from a lady who is and expert in judo, however when she attended any formal competition to up her grades her nerves took over and she never attained the levels she was more than capable of achieving.


Hi Terri


Just to let you know I got my silver medal in the National Finals, thanks so very much for helping me.


Lady in Newbury Berks


Who was recommended to me by her friend whom I also helped with the same problem the previous year..  

She won a Silver and Bronze medal!




Thank you for taking the time to read these few referals. What I always say to all my clients and everyone I talk too about Energy Therapies is this.


I do not make the changes and remove the unwanted or unhelpful, thoughts, feelings both mental and physical, I just offer you a safe supported space along with the quidance needed in helping you find the right tool/method that will allow you to release what is locked or trapped in your energy system.  I am happy to supoprt you!

"Thank you so much Terri, I feel so much more in control, the grief I have been dealing with (or not dealing with it seems) has now been put into perspective and I feel more at peace a sense of calm, it is wonderful that I can use this technique at home, which I am doing ..

. I really does help. Most importantly I am not taking anti depressants and sleeping tablets, which I feel were simply masking the issues."

Thank you again


Donna Dale, London




Text received.


Dear Terri


Thank you so much for helping me release my pent up emotions and anger during my separation and imminent divorce, I know I can now get through it without unresolved emotions and feelings getting in the way... in fact I am actually looking forward to being single and free again... Watch out here I come.


J S  High Wycombe.



Phone message left on my answerphone November 2011.

Hi Terri

I am afraid I have to cancel my appointment for tomorrow, sorry its short notice I have to attend a meeting at work, actually Terri I don't know why I even booked a follow up appointment at all? because I feel absolutely amazing no more pain and anxiety, I don't know what or how you did it, and I don't care but being free of that pain and worrying about it for over 4 years the doctors and specialist could not help me, I really had given up hope, thank you so much.  I will be recommending you to everyone I know.


Take care Terri and thank you again.


Mrs H

Beconsfield Bucks


Albert Einstien  "All Matter is Energy

                          Energy is everything"


We and our bodies are all made of Energy, Science and todays Doctors are so good trying to seperate our many parts, our minds, our emotions our body organs and break them down into symptoms, which are then treated serperately, this is often sympton control , so often without ever finding out the core issue.

A dispruption in our energy system causes a disturbance in our body, if unresolved it can remail frozen in our system which can lead to physical problems. Often a physical problem is a un

Unchained Remedies










Terri Charles


Please let me introduce myself I hope you have managed to find what you are looking for?

If you would like any further information or would like to have an informal chat with me to see if we could work together please call me on 01628 487933 / 07787 566859 or email me your question. I offer a free 20 minute consultation if you would rather meet me in person.

I have available all of my qualification certification which I would be happy to show you. Also please look at my testimonial pages for a brief selection of referrals as to how I have helped others.

I work with a positive and intuitive energy which I love to share with everyone I meet,

I hope this shines through to you, if you feel you would like to find out more please contact me.

I use an integrated method

I feel that it is my role to empower you with self help tools so that you can be in control of your feelings physical, mental and emotional any time you need, now and in the future. Tools for life.

I look forward to being able to support you in becoming what you desire.