The Emotion Code

Working with the Meridian System (our bodies electrical system ) and using Kinesiology to test and find any trapped emotions.

This system uses Magnets that are run along the main Meridian Lines in the body which repairs the damaged electrical circuit, I liken it to when a fuse is blown the wires or connections have blown or splayed and a connection can not be made, the magnets connect with these splayed wires/ connectors and gently realign them so the flow can be reconnected at the same time releasing the trapped emotion that was the initial cause of the distress and block in the Meridian system, permanently.

Access Consciousness

Running the Bars


Running the Bars uses the bodies own energy system along with accessing the subconscious mind to make the changes you are ready to make.

This gentle and deeply relaxing treatment has been becoming more and more popular, simply because it allows you to release limiting beliefs in all areas of your life often from childhood and throughout your life that have been holding you back on an unconscious level. The practitioner gently connects with the energy system and sends a flow of energy throughout the body to open the energy lines, then 32 points on the head are gently held until releases are made and the energy flows perfectly this is a almost primal feeling of being held and nurtures whilst changes are made this treatment unblocks all areas of our life to then unable us to reprogramme our new positive beliefs.


Why do we have so many different  problems and why is is so hard to address them?

In prehistoric times life in may ways was simpler, our body used a Flight or Flight response to help keep us safe, quite simply if we turned a corner and a wild animal stood before us the Flight or Fight response was activated, we either Fought or we Ran, to do this our body pumped adrenalin at over 70 miles per hour through our body, diverted or shut down unused systems to enable us to deal with the presenting issue, once we have used up this adrenalin by taking the appropriate action, the massive dose of adrenalin was used up and our system returns to normal, relief and safety return.


We still have this natural Flight or Fight response, however our life style is not the same no longer wild animals to contend with or unfriendly tribes or unwanted suitors, instead we are bombarded with Stress from the work place, to meet targets or earn enough money to pay the bills or maintain a loving relationship and so much more, our body responds to these new stresses by activating the F & F response by pumping adrenalin throughout our system at the same 70miles per hour so we can either Fight or take Flight , but we can hardly kill the stressor or run from the work place or partner, especially if we want to keep our job or our relationship, so when we do not Fight or take Flight the massive dose of Adrenalin remains racing throughout our body, in a sense locking this and the stressful incident into our system, which we then relive again and again or add too.


I liken this to the Freeze which is when a wild animal is chased by a lion but is lucky enough to return to its herd unharmed, scientists have proven that the animal naturally releases this massive dose of adrenalin by shaking its body for five minutes, it then happily continues grazing with its herd and had been seen passing the same sleeping Lions that had just nearly killed it, proving that any trauma from the stressful event is released along with the adrenalin build up by the shaking of their body.

If only life was that simple for us humans. 

As an Energy Therapist I have found that we can find the core issue,event or stress trigger that is locked or frozen  in our energy system causing us to relive a trauma or stress and release it. so often the physical symptoms our body gives us is a message to say our energy system is holding onto some stress or another, if we do not listen and release it, our body gives us more messages, more pain until we do find the cause of our stress and unfreeze our body.

Taken from the book  - Waking the Tiger (Peter Le Vene)

Dr Mercola



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Unchained Remedies









Do you feel stuck and getting nowhere?                                             Are you ready to remove these blocks?

Maybe lack of confidence holding you back?                                             Would you like to feel empowered again?

Are Cravings & Addictions an unwanted part of your life?                What would it feel like to be free of them?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the situation in your life?                     Gain clarity and focus and control?    

Do you see no way out from unwanted thoughts,                               Are you ready to change?   

memories, feelings or physical symptoms?                                         Allowing positive thoughts and feelings?


I offer a safe space to explore your inner desires, which can help you make the changes you desire!    

Remove Anxiety and stress       -  Gain calm & renewed confidence

Change is the most natural thing of all.

Together we can Change unwanted feelings and emotions into new positive ways of thinking.  

Your world is in constant change, If it stops, it stagnates                     Just like we do !   

Sometimes we feel stuck , which can feel like there is no way out.  

If this is why you are looking at my website?




  1. Firstly you have accepted you have something you wish to change.
  2. You don't want this problem or feeling anymore.
  3. You have made a conscious choice to look for help and guidance.
  4. Well you are here and you are looking why not call me now to find out if I am the right person to assist you in making your new choices and so much more?                                   

Feel free to call me for an initial chat to see if I am the right person to help you make the changes you are ready to make, I offer a free 20 min initial consultation either by phone, email or in person.




Access Consciousness Running the Bars Practitioner

A beautiful deep feeling of inner peace as you relax and drop down to your higher self, meanwhile your energy system is being unblocked , simply lie back and relax whilst wrapped in a warm blanket of energy, while 32 energy points around your head are gently and expertly held while any release which is needed is activated, the feeling is almost primal whilst your head is cradled in simple trust and  love, which allows you to live from a deeper clarity and focus without  negative thoughts jeopardising your outcome.


Full body energy balancing and aligning.

Bio -energy field  (Aura)  There are seven subtle energy layers  that surround the human body they can become depressed,  collapsed or misaligned affecting your whole body, spirit and mind, by realigning,  re balancing and strengthening our system returns to optimum.

Chakra system

Releasing blocked or stagnant energy, then balancing, realigning and strengthening these vital energy vortexes allows our systems to come back to full alignment.   

Meridian System

 This system is the electrical messaging pathway which links all the other systems together, any blocks and frozen emotions are held here until we are able to release them fully.

I teach you how to maintain these vital energy systems at home whenever needed, I recommend a regular checkup  of all these systems.  

Unless these three energy systems are harmonic then all changes we make will not be maintained or permanent.



Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP creates positive behavioural changes within you.

Perfect to combine with any other methods.    

Crystal Therapy

The properties that lie hidden in crystals are often under rated, they are programmed to run your computer, mobile phones, watches and most technology, our world would come to a virtual standstill without them.

Our body is crystalline.

You choose your crystal 

Then we use the natural energy frequencies of crystals to amplify your

desired outcome.


 What is EFT  ?

(Emotional Freedom Tapping)

A Meridian Tapping Technique or Energy Medicine, which is now being used worldwide and includes some famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Ball uses it for pre show nerves, Tiger Woods uses it for performance enhancement, Lilly Allen for food cravings and weight loss.

Whoopi Goldberg for Fear of Flying

                                                  Even Madonna is a fan of EFT

                                                   No needles, No drugs, No pain

                                                   No side effects, Safe & Natural

Promotes and triggers your body's own self healing system.

Often likened to Acupuncture or Acupressure as it uses the same Meridian system along with Energy Psychology, NLP and Kinesiology.  Connects with  the Amygdala often called the old brain which relates to our primal Fight /Flight response it holds frozen memories that we have not released and constantly relive, this centre and is linked with memory, emotion and fear.

                       EFT allows the release of these frozen unresolved issues completely.


 Fast becoming the number one self help technique.


Because it often works when nothing else does!  

EFT- Workshops-Training 



Hypnotherapy is a gentle method of connecting with our subconscious mind to enable us to 

re-programme our negative thoughts and feelings into positive outcomes.

Hypnotherapy is excellent for stress relief and relaxation.  

Terri is a

Fully Trained

Clinical Hypnotherapist




A gentle way of

re - aligning 

our body's subtle 

energy system

re- balancing our Chakra system.  

In simple terms removing any blockages from

Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Can be Hands on Healing or a Non touch

Healing .

Beautiful, Relaxing

and Uplifting. 



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I am happy to offer professional EFTMRA accredited

EFT Training based

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Offering fully Certificated EFTMRA Accredited Training in EFT. 

 Introduction       Level 1   £100

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Unresolved Emotional Trauma


Trapped Memories